About Us

We produce world class dried meat products

Our recipe for success has remained unchanged for over 50 years.

Quality first, the rest will follow.

1970 - Our original recipe.

Our original recipe for boerewors, biltong and droëwors is perfected by Mr. Jan De Beer in Brits, South Africa. Our products soon became very popular with the local community and word spread like wild fire about the De Beer families commitment to producing quality meat products. Little did we know, this would only be the start of an amazing journey for the De Beer family.

2003 - Australia beckons.

In 2003 the De Beer family made the decision to set down roots in Brisbane Australia. Not without it's challenges, we managed to open a number of butcher shops located around Queensland and the De Beer family recipe was introduced to Aussies young and old. We experienced phenomenal success and soon outgrew our manufacturing capabilities.

2010 - Our first factory.

As the De Beer Meat Co's products grew in popularity, so did the demand for our boerwors, biltong and droëwors. We quickly outgrew our production facility and the decision was made to open a brand new factory in Capalaba, Brisbane. With our new factory in production we were able to produce twice the amount of products and introduced contract manufacturing as part of our service offering.

2016 - Capalaba factory expansion.

Our contract manufacturing, custom recipe blending, packaging and logistics solutions proved to be a great addition to our services and we soon found ourselves with yet another production dilemma, we needed more space, more equipment and more staff to meet the demands of our customers. In 2016 the decision was made to further expand our Capalaba factory in a attempt to meet the demand for De Beer Meat Co products and services.

2019 - Bigger things.

From 2016 - 2019 we experienced phenomenal success yet again and outgrew our expanded Capalaba factory. We needed to think big this time around and the decision was made to custom build the De Beer Meat Co factory in Rocklea, Brisbane. With almost five times the floor space, additional manufacturing equipment, and over 25 staff members, the De Beer Meat Co manifested itself as the trusted boerewors, biltong, droëwors and dried meats manufacturer in Australia.

2020 - Current day.

Our Rocklea factory has been in production for just over a year now and the De Beer Meat Co continues to produce high quality, dried meat products. Be sure to have a look at our service offerings page, as well as our online shop and experience some of the best boerewors, biltong and droëwors, manufactured right here in sunny Queensland. From our family to yours, crafted with passion and an ever increasing commitment to produce the highest quality dried meat products.

Experience the best boerewors, biltong and droëwors in Australia.